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Nitto 176 Handlebar NOS 40cm cc 26.0 aka Dreambar

Minimum Quantity: 1
Maximum Quantity: 2


We made a great purchase on these wonderful 40cm center to center Nitto handlebars so you get a great price!


These bars are great for that vintage look on many vintage bike builds.  Follks often want to use a 26.0 stem with a bit more quill extension than their old Cinelli stem (old Cinelli was 26.4) so their existing bar won't work.   The Nitto bar offered here has classic looks, 130mm drop and 110mm reach and works wonderfully with Nitto Pearl and Technomic 20.0 stems.  And the logo - one will easily be fooled into thinking their looking at an old Cinelli engraved bar until they look close!