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Suntour Ultra 6 13-19 New Winner Freewheel NOS in box BSC thread

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Maximum Quantity: 2


A Suntour Ultra 6 freewheel 13-19 ratio.  The cogs are 13,14,15,16,17,19.  This is the 2 prong version which places it a bit earlier time wise which is nice for restorations of some bikes (although the 4 prong is a better remover system).  But when installed on hub with the threads properly greased, the 2 prong Suntour system works great too.  The threading is BSC based on the era of freewheel (so not ISO) - this freewheel doesn't play well on Italian threaded hubs.  NOS in the lovely silver, this is a great freewheel.  Some folks may even buy this just for the body!  We have a few of these so the one you get may not be the exact one in the photos - but you will get one that is a lovely NOS example that's just as nice.