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2012 Campagnolo NOS Nuovo Record long centerbolt really nice unmarked NOS nice price!

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Maximum Quantity: 2


We made a very nice purchase on a small quanity of these - a must-have if converting a pair of Campy allen attachment brake calipers to nut attachment.


A lovely NOS long Campagnolo Nuovo Record brake bolt - part number 2012 (not the year) unmarked for nut attachment front.   If you are converting a pair of allen attachment brakes to nut attachment, this is the one bolt you need!  Campy NR/SR brake centerbolts came in three lengths - long for nut attachment front, medium for nut attachment rear OR allen attachement front, and short for allen attachment rear.   So if you have an allen attachement pair, you install this long bolt instead of the short front (and switch the pads around so the open end is facing the rear), and your previoius front now becomes the rear (and again, switch the pads around so the open end is facing the rear).


We have a few of these - the photos are represntative of the bolt you will receive.  This is a true NR/SR part - it is NOT the dimensionally different Triomph bolt.