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Campagnolo Nuovo Record NOS rear axle set silver 134mm 6sp with 2 spacer options read details

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A really great small parts find!  A Campagnolo Nuovo Record rear axle set with 134mm axle, cones, spacers, keyed lockwashers, and locknuts.  These sets appear to have come from the factory with spacers set for 5sp but we provide a wider spacer which lets you set up the axle wonderfully for a typical wide 6sp.  The axle is silver which for a mid-to-late 70's bike is super nice to find (instead of the later black ones).  The last two photos show the axle set up 126mm locknut to locknut to give you an idea how much axle is protruding.  134mm is what we consider the minimum lenght axle for a 6sp 126mm set up (it's too short for a 7sp).   Also note - the cones appear to be the snazzy somewhat earlier version.  Lot's of vintage Campagnolo goodness here!


Oddly, these axle sets seem to have come from the factory set up with a spacer for 5sp (we've included that too) but unless you have overly thick dropouts (think Cannondale perhaps) you'll have a bit too much axle sticking out on each side.  But if you're running an ultra 6 set-up which likes 122mm spacing (you'll need to find a 2mm washer or at least a 1.5mm keyed washer) then you should be able to make this work for that application.  So lot's of set-up options!