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Campagnolo Bottom Bracket NOS BSC cup spindle combo for pre-cpsc double cranks thin cup

SKU: T01-20-125


A Campagnolo BSC (aka English) bottom bracket cup and spindle combo (no lockring) for pre-CPSC Campagnolo double cranks.  It features thin cups as all Campy bottom brackets did until 1968.  The spindle is top quality Record/Nuovo Record quality.  So if you have a pre-CPSC crank (large buldge on drive side backside and dated pre-1978 or so) this combo will work great.  The cups are later production and have a T in a triangle marking but are otherwise the same as all the thin cups that came before except for the cosmetics.

So if you have a 1966 Hetchins with a Campy double, the spindle in this combo is the exact one Campy would have supplied.  Thin cups are not as great as the rifled ones for repelling water and dirt, but are still top quality.  In fact, the Campy Triple bb's (which would see more weather perhaps) all used thin cups too.  What this combo does is allow for fresh bearing surfaces and top Campy quality for your bike build at a nice affordable price that is less than many used options.  We have a few of these combo's - the photos are representative of what you will receive.