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Campagnolo Barcon inner cable pair (both long rear's) NOS part 145 - market busting price

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New Old Stock Campagnolo part number 145 offered here - you get two of them (a bike's worth) - these are the inner wires for Campy bar con shifters but many folks use these lovely braided cables with the <c> stamping on the head with regular downtube shifters too.  Typically you'd get one rear (about 197cm) and one shorter one.  But all we have is rears, so were making pairs with the more valuable rears.  Folks typically need to trim cables to length anyway so it's a bonus if anything.  The <c> stamping is a bit variable and faint.  These cables are wonderfull old stock that we were lucky to find!


What's really fun is we found a good stock of these.  We see the same cable pairs selling on ebay for $40 to $50.  But we want to see prices come DOWN wherever possible so they're priced nice!  While we have a good stock, the online store may limit quantity so other re-sellers don't pick us clean.