It is the buyers responsibility to examine all items to determine if an item is safe for use - the buyer accepts all responsibility for use of items purchased

Join the fun and register Now!  Classic Bicycles Auburn June 7-9th 2024.


Sunday only admission with bicycle(s) to display



Note - priority of approval for bicycle entry is given to those who are attending Classic Bicycles Auburn for the weekend.  Some "priority" is also given to those attending other portions of Classic Bicycles Auburn such as the banquet. 

By selecting this "item" you are purchasing admission to the show on Sunday and entry of your bicycle(s) into the Bicycle Show.   The fee also includes admission to the museum.  Entry of bicycles into the Bicycle Show is by approval of the organizing committee.  You will get an email with a link to register your bicycle (you will fill out one form per bicycle you wish to enter) - you may not get this link until late March.  We need to screen potential entries to be sure bicycles are appropriate for "show" and to make sure we have room for your bicycle.   Unlike most events, we are not charging for folks to display a bicycle and compete in judging (you can choose not to have your bicycle judged).  But we reserve the right to limit the number of entries. 


Note that if you have purchased swap space or a weekend package, you're Sunday admission is already paid.  Just email us about the bicycle(s) you want to show.  Also, you can purchase additional Sunday admission tickets at the venue on the day of the show (but we need to know in advance of the show about bicycle(s) you wish to bring.


You must have a secure stand for your bicycle that will not scratch the museum's floor.  Also, the simple stands (once called Suntour stands) that non-securely raise the bike at the bottom bracket are not allowed.  Stands should either secure the rear wheel or hold the crank arm (the old stand-it stands worked well).  Note that while Classic Bicycles Auburn will take reasonable care to secure the display area, neither the museum nor Classic Bicyles Auburn will be held responsible for damage or loss to your bicycle.