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Campagnolo fun display items - Valentino derailleur and shifter and cable ensemble

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A fun grouping that you won't find at Kmart.  This is a Valentino ensamble we put together for your bookshelf or bike enjoyment.  You get a boxed Valentino front and rear derailleur.  You also get the shifters (actually they came factory packaged in the front derailleur box along with the front cable).  We added in a rear cable  - and remember the front and rear cables alone are worth $ 58 for the pair!  We also added a chainstay cable clip and a rear shifter housing.  The boxes are not perfect, but not too bad at all - and the shifters, never mind that they are lower-end - the cool red outers on the shifter's sides are so cool looking!  This is maximum Campagnolo bookshelf fun for a great price. All items are factory fresh NOS.