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Campagnolo Derailleur hanger 80/2... 3-Fer...with bolt/nut NOS - the one for Nuovo Record and others! NOS

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You get 3 of these at a crazy low price!

A Campagnolo Rear derailleur hanger - part 80/2.  This is the one that is pretty snazzy and is designed for Campy Nuovo Record rear derailleurs.  Of course, it should work for lots of others too!  This is the widget for those who do not have a derailleur hanger on their dropout (or for those who's hanger was cut off for some reason).  When bolted in place on a dropout, this widget effectively gives you the hanger.  There is another model for Rally and Valentino rear's, but in theory, we'd think that this one would also work (although possibly not as well) for those models.  But this one is the typical go-to version as best as we can tell.


These came to us bulk packaged so perhaps minor shopwear, but it is brand new, never used, factory fresh goodness.  You may also notice that on ebay there is a seller in the UK who has sold 14 of them and has a current price over $32!  We have a good stock, so we're offering them at a very nice price!  We also offer this item as a 3-fer at an even better price each in case you want to stock up.  Its nice to have these if you take in project bikes that may not have hangers.  Note that eventually we will be putting some on ebay at a nice price (but not this low).  So we suggest that you don't buy them from us with the intent of putting them on ebay yourself because we'll be able to undercut your price..... 


A derailleur with one of these installed, as well as images of the Campy Catalog page showing this item, are shown in the photos.  The derailleur and the catalog ARE NOT included!