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Campy spacer set to mount single chainring on double crank - genuine Campy Nuovo Record!



Totally cool and totally rare - Campagnolo genuine Nuovo Record era spacers that allow you to mount a single chainring on either the outside or inside of a Campy NR/SR/GS crank using your fancy Campy double chainring bolts and nuts So what you get are 5 special spacer widgets, enough for one 5 pin crank, of Campy part number 801 from catalog #17. Then if you have a double crank, just use these spacers, remove one of your rings, decide which side of your double crank to mount the ring on, and away you go!We suspect these will work on many other cranks too For all the folks making their double chainring bikes into a single ring, these spacers are golden How many times have you seen folks use ugly spacers to accomplish what these do? We've seen it too many times So stock up on these to keep around for all those special bikes you will build up in the future Note that cranks, chainrings, bicycles, new cars, and airplanes are not included with this item - just the cool 5 spacers!