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Campagnolo Italian Thread Victory - same as NR Track / Pista NOS bb parts combo 109mm

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An NOS parts combo that is a really great bottom bracket solution for so many appications.  This is an Italian thread thin cup combo that includes cups, lockring, and spindle.  The spindle is 109mm symetric.  It is a perfect length (and essentially equivelant to a 70P x 120 Pista spindle) for Campagnolo NR/SR track cranks, Campy NR/SR cranks being run as a single ring, and it is "close enough" for a host of cranks such as C-record, Chorus, Athena and many more that use a 111mm symetric spindle.  By using this one instead, you're moving the crank inboard 1mm on each side.  Unless you're crank is very close to the chainstays (or very worn), the 1mm shift in chain line is rarely a big deal (and some folks like the lower Q factor).


Quality on these is really nice.  As it's thin cup, it isn't as good if you're bike is in the wet and dirt (you should consider the Chrous 111mm thick cup bb's we have that are much more expensive).  Of course, the original track bb's of the NR/SR era are really identical to this (they use thin cups).  Note that this is a cup/lockring/spindle combo.  So no bearings, sleever, or crankbolts.