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Sugino RD2 Single ring crank new in box 46 tooth 3/32 ring assorted arm lengths

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$144.00 - $154.00
RD2 crank length:


A really sharp looking crank from Sugino.  Feels quite lightweight, and it's wonderfully finished.  The RD2 cranks we obtained on special purchase are great for your project single-ring bikes.  But isn't a "one-by" the new way to go?  For some folks anyway.  Also good for track/fix gear bikes.  Just be aware the ring is 3/32 but that's just what you need if you're using a derailleur.  And you can always get track cogs in 3/32 as well.  The ring is 46 tooth.  Take a look at the photos to see how sharp looking this crank is!


This crank requires use of a 103mm bottom bracket - we have the appropriate Sugino bottom bracket listed as a seperate item.