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Orders currently shipping within one or two business days from day order is placed


Mission Statement

Boulder Bicycle is dedicated to preserving interest in the collecting and safe use of vintage lightweight bicycles.  Boulder Bicycle recognizes that some enthusiasts are budget-bound and need affordable vintage/modern parts to maintain their passion.  Other enthusiasts seek ultimate collectible examples without financial constraint.  Boulder Bicycle seeks to satisfy the needs of each enthusiast type and those "in the middle".  Promoting vintage lightweight bicycle events and documentation is a vital part of the Boulder Bicycle Mission.  Let's have fun!


It's best to contact Boulder Bicycle by email.   At some point we may have "phone hours" again, but email is best for now.  Note that we are usually very quick to respond to an email.  If we don't get back to you within one business day, please email again.

Our physical address is by apppointment only.  The address is

4949 Broadway St, Unit 104, Boulder CO 80304


Are you trying to reach Golden Velo?

That's not us - but for a period, Golden Velo was using this platform to conduct their company's e-commerce.  If you place an order after November 4, 2023 you are purchasing and conducting business with Boulder Bicycle.  If you are trying to reach Golden Velo (they have a great retail store and lots of neat vintage bicycles and frames) their contact info is:

Email   Phone   +1 303 216-2000