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Campagnolo Cone wrench NOS ugly duckling 3fer - two 13/14 and one 15/16 user fun

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Maximum Quantity: 3


Campagnolo cone wrench 3 fer.  They are new but ugly.  Again, ugly.  But here is the thing.  You get two 13/14 and you really need two of the 13/14's in order to adjust a rear hub.  And then you also get a 15/16.
We have a few sets of these.  The photos are representative except for the last photo which shows an ugly wrench as an example that's been cleaned up with scotch brite and polished a bit.  Still looks lousy and kinda weird.  Some of the photos show the wrenches after we took a bit of metal polish to them but nothing else.
So here is the deal.  If you're getting some cone wrenches to display in your beautiful Campagnolo tool kit, then you are looking at the wrong listing.  But if you need extra cone wrenches, perhaps for an additional workshop or perhaps for a travelling tool kit, than these are perfect for the user.  Again, they are ugly.  But they will do the job!