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My son Ezra, a junior in High School, recently wrote the following for a project - regardless of what side of aisle you prefer, if we take these words to heart then the world will be on track to be a better place.  Thanks for listening - Mike Kone, Boulder Bicycle



I believe all elements of hate come down to denial
Bias is denial
Prejudice, is denial
Violence, is denial
And yes, genocide is denial
Bias, is the denial of recognition
The denial of identity
Of someone's right to free thought
Bias is denying to recognize differences
Prejudice, is the denial of wellbeing
The denial of someone's livelihood
Of someone's happiness
The denial of someone's free choice
Discrimination, is denial
Denial of a group's rights
Of a group's right to have a voice
Of its right to have fair housing
Denial of a group's right to free choice.
Violence, is denial
The denial of peace
The denial of safety
The denial of protected property
Genocide is denial
Denial of lives
Of identities
Denial of cultures
And eventually, of its own denial
These may all ge forms of denial
But they themselves can be denied
Bias, which is denying recognition of differences
Can by stopped, by recognizing
Look around,
See the differences, accept them
And refuse to deny.
by Ezra Kone


New production Rene Herse Road Sport Frame - delivered just in time for X-mas 2016!


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