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Update Summer 2016.  We've found that IRD has not been using the stiff spring on some of their latest shipments.  We check each IRD freewheel to confirm it has the stiffer spring and if not we return it to IRD.  Some sizes, especially 7speeds, appear to be currently unavailable in the stiffer spring version.  We also note that some examples (with the stiffer spring) may have a bit of bearing noise (old Suntour Winners had some too).  We send examples back that have what we deem to be excessive noise/rumble, but to some extent it is what it is.  The IRD with the stiff spring still seems better than any currently available freewheel.  And if course, if your IRD freewheel starts really misbehaving (not from cog wear of course) it is warrantied. 


New Version IRD freewheels have a really solid and loud ratchet feel from a stiffer spring.

IRD freewheels shift wonderfully and come in an array of sizes There just isn't any other currently made freewheel that offers the array of options that these do 


 Excepting cog wear, IRD will warranty without time limit these freewheels. This is the best freewheel currently available There are really no modern alternatives The 5 and 6 speed freewheels are wide space The 7 speed freewheels are narrow space.


Note on the 5 speed - the IRD body is a bit wide and protrudes beyond the smallest cog.  So you really need a axle that is more like 122mm we figure, or 120mm with a bit more spacer on the drive and less on the non-drive.  This does not seem to be an issue for most folks as we only noticed this issue recently yet we've sold these in 5 speed for a number of years without any complaints.  But it may not be plug and play on your hub as it is.