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We're lucky and found more! Regina Black Chain 3/32 for 5sp or wide 6sp

> AAA Items of Exceptional Opportunity > We're lucky and found more! Regina Black Chain 3/32 for 5sp or wide 6sp

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Well we're eating our words - we ran real low on these, but we were able to obtain some more of these!  This makes us happy - on our daily rider bikes we use these chains constantly and Mike alone eats up 4 to 8 of them per year.   


Regina Black chain for wide space 5sp or wide space 6sp freewheels.  Will not work on narrow space freewheels.  This is a great go-to chain for many vintage restorations and really should be much more expensive but there is a reasonable supply of them still in the pipeline so we can offer it at a great price!  Some chains may say Regina extra and say Record 80 on the side, most don't.  Otherwise the chains seep absolutely identical.  A great affordable way to get the positive ker-chunk shift feel that only the stiffer wide space chains provide.  Not necessarily better - just different and more "classic".


Note that this chain is factory fresh and many years old, so you will want to soak it a bit as the original factory lube has stiffined up.   The wrapper it comes in may not be in good shape after all these years.  But the chain is lovely!  We've been selling these for awhile now and we've had folks come back many times for more.  No reason to not change your chain often in order to preserve those precious wide space vintage freewheels!