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IRD JIS Bottom Bracket QB-95 lots of sizes! - best bb option REGARDLESS of cost

> AAA Items of Exceptional Opportunity > IRD JIS Bottom Bracket QB-95 lots of sizes! - best bb option REGARDLESS of cost

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The IRD QB-95 is now our premium bottom bracket of choice.  The reaasons we now suggest this bottom bracket for all of our builds are outlined below.    The IRD QB-95 is just the bottom bracket we've been looking for!  It is similar to the Shimano UN cartridge bottom brackets but has some very significant differences that make it much more useful.  This bottom bracket has very significant advantages over both Phil Wood and SKF which are much more expensive.   If this bb was 3 times the price it would still hold its own!




The only downside to this bottom bracket is that like the much more expensive Phil Wood, its bearing cartridges are "exposed".  That said, we remember back in the day that folks would make their own foam seals to place around the exit point of the bb spindle - some ingenuity in this regard might be a great idea when using this bottom bracket, though many folks swear by the Phil Wood bb's which have exactly the same issue....and cost much more!  


The following are the advantages of the IRD-QP-95 - you can see why we like it!  So far, we have never had a reliability issue with this bb.  And we have a field tester who is very fussy and is very hard on his gear and his latest reports are very positive. 


  • Bearings can be user-serviced.  Not super easy, but not terribly difficult.  With the tools of a well equipped home or shop workshop, it can be done.  The bearings used in this bb seem to be much smoother than those used in the Shimano bb's.  Also - the bearings have a 10 year warranty from IRD - should the bearings need replacement they will send you a new set during the warranty period.  Should you with to purchase a spare set of bearings, the price is approximatly $16.  You can buy a spare set for that long trip or the workshop.


  • The shape of the cartidge body is such that it will clear wires run through the bottom bracket shell.  Many cartridges are not internal-wire friendly.  This one is.


  • The bearings run super smooth - with the cups tightened down tight, the bb is not overloaded.  We've had a problem with Phil Wood bb's not taking load properly.


  • Unlike a Phil Wood bb, the IRD QP-90 has bearing contact areas on both sides of the spindle (not seen on the unit unless taken apart).  This means that unlike with a Phil Wood bb, the spindle cannot start creeping! (and making continuation of a ride all but imposible in some cases).


  • The bb unit is lighter in weight than the popular SKF models.


  • Chromoly spindle - this makes for a more robust spindle than SKF (stainless) and perhaps even Phil Wood. The IRD QP-90 bottom bracket has passed the CEN mountain bike standard while other bb's such as the SKF may only pass the Trekking/City bike standard.  We discontinued sales of the SKF bb's due to this issue. 


  • The price is nice!


  • The bottom bracket is sold with BSC cups.  French, Italian, and Swiss Cups can be ordered for a variety of applications.