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IRD's new version Cyclone Mark I freewheels have a really solid and loud ratchet feel from a stiffer spring.    IRD freewheels shift wonderfully and come in an array of sizes T here just isn't any other currently made freewheel that offers the range of options that these do.   This is the best  modern freewheel currently available   There are really no better modern alternatives.   We do think that some vintage freewheels still eclipse thees - Suntour Winner Pro, and the nice Regina America are examples.  In sizes where we have optimal vintage alternatives, we are stocking few (or none) of the IRD's.  But in some really prime sizes (such as 26 large cog or 7sp) where we don't have vintage stock, the IRD is a great affordable option.


The 5 and 6 speed freewheels are wide space.   The 7 speed freewheels are sorta narrow space, but the gap between the smallest and second smallest cog is a bit wider than we'd expect.  So the downside is we don't thing the 7sp will index with much of anything - plus we'd anticipate that you'll want 2 to 3 more spacers on the drive side than with a typical wide 6sp arrangement to make the 7sp clear.  Also note on the 5 speed - the IRD body is a bit wide and protrudes beyond the smallest cog.  So you really need a axle that is more like 122mm we figure, or 120mm with a bit more spacer on the drive and less on the non-drive.  This does not seem to be an issue for most folks as we only noticed this issue recently yet we've sold these in 5 speed for a number of years without any complaints.  But it may not be plug and play on your hub as it is.


The ratios for each freewheel are as follows:

5 speed:


13-26:  13-15-18-21-26

13-32:  13-16-20-24-32


6 speed:

13-26:  13-15-17-19-21-26

13-32:  13-15-18-21-24-32


7 speed:

13-26:  13-14-15-17-19-22-26

13-28:  13-15-17-19-21-24-28

13-32:  13-15-17-21-24-28-32