Closed Until June 22

We shut the online store by making it so that it will not accept any order less than $50,000. 

It may look like the online store is working, but its not.  This is the only way we can stop taking orders while we're closed but still leave the site on-line for reference.  Orders placed when we re-open will start shipping on Monday June 25th

The closure is for Family fun and prep for a possible HUGE purchase we are currently negotiating

If you made a purchase recently and you need to return the item or have an issue, please email and we'll arrange to make sure your taken care of.


Shipping Department Status

Shipping Status


Shipping Department Closed

Orders will start shipping again on Monday June 25


  *items that say "please allow 4 extra business days for deliver" are special order items.  Orders with an item we need to obtain from one of our suppliers will ship once your item arrives at our shop.


Shipping Department Changes - We no longer ship super-fast

We are going to a schedule where we typically ship only from Tuesday thru Thursday.  This means that your order will now leave our shop up to 3 business days after its placed for orders containing only in-stock items.  Below is a table of order placement time and expected ship-by times.   Orders that include special order items (those that say please allow 4 extra business days for shipping) should still ship within 4 business days as we will get special orders in motion in a timely fashion. 

Order placed (Mountain Time) Expect us to ship by: So Max # of biz days until we ship 
Thursday 11 am to Saturday 6 pm Tuesday 3 biz days
Saturday 6:01 pm to Tuesday 8am Wednesday 3 biz days
Tuesday 8:01 am to Thursday 10:59 am Thursday 2 biz days



Expected Shipping Disruptions - Plan Ahead

Sometimes the shipping department of Boulder Bicycle is on holiday or is doing special work around the shop with the shipping department shut down.  We will announce the specific shipping department closure a week or two before it happens.  We're publishing a rough guide to when these closures will occur so that you can plan in advance and get your parts when you need them.

June     See above - closed a good part of the month.

July       Shipping department closed July 12th and 13th.  

Aug        Shipping department closed (tentatively) from August 19th - August 27th

Sept       One very minor disruption expected




Welcome To Boulder Bicycle

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(720) 532-3482 (email for best response)


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Retail Store Hours

Appointment Only at his time

for appointment best to email

Some quantities limited to just one-per-person (so our customers, not competing dealers, can enjoy the bounty).


The online store is very accurate

Since inventory is adjusted immediately when sales are made - but of course, once in awhile we make errors. Also, not responsible for typo's - thanks for your undersanding.

Some items say "please allow 4 extra business days for delivery".

 This applies to items that we just-in-time to the shop.  Items that say this may may have an inventory count listed, but in such cases ignore that count.

Foreign Credit Card Users

If your credit card is not being accepted by the system, try paying at checkout with paypal and sign in as a guest if you do not have a paypal account.

Shipping Info

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