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Regina Amercia/CX Freewheel Cogs and Spacers


Boulder Bicycle has one of the largest stocks of Regina America freewheel cogs and spacers in the world.   There are some gaps in our stock, but we do have many very desirable cogs and in some cases we have lots of them.  We have more cogs than bodies.  Our first goal has been to build as many complete desirable-ratio freewheels as we can.  Our second goal will be to offer cog "kits" that do not include a body, so that you can rebuild an existing worn freewheel that you may have with fresh cogs for all the positions.  Our third aim is to sell off cogs individually that are not allocated to a complete freewheel or kit.  


Note that there really are two Regina America systems - the original CX/America system, and then the later America 92 system.  The cogs we offer are for the pre-1992 system.  Also, with the CX/Amercia system we have, there are two bodies, the ones for wide 5 and wide 6, and then the narrow "S" body that lets you build narrow 6 and narrow 7 freewheels.  Our stock of bodies is limited to the wide 5/ wide 6 varient.  But the cogs we offer can work if you have one of the narrow bodies.  


Be aware if you are using an early Regina CX body that there were failure issues with at least some batches of the early ones.  If we undertand correctly, the America body came out to deal with this issue and is more robust.  In fact, we've probably sold a couple of hundred Regina Amercia freewheels and the reilability so far has been extraordinary.  This is not something we can say about any modern production freewheel.  


Do note that any freewheel that's been sitting around for many years should have some oil dripped into it from both the front and rear as the oil thins out and dries over the years.  Also, some cogs may have a minor bit of oxidation/corrosion on them or other blems.  But anything major we sell in a listing that mentions these issues.  But all our cogs were bulk packaged so some blems or discoloration here and there is to be expected.


For the pre-1992 America/CX cogs we offer, here are the position assignments.  If you are purchasing replacement cogs, see the B6 note below.


For wide 5 speed, the cog positions from largest to smallest are

A1  A1  B6*  A2  B2   and the required spacers are K1 and K5

For wide 6 speed, the cog posiitons form largest to smallest are 

A1  A1  B6*  A2  D1  C1  and the required spacers are K1 and K5

For narrow 6 speed (must have the "S" body), the cog positions from largest to smallest are 

A1  A1  B6  A2  A2  B5  and the required spacers are K2, K3, and K4

For narrow 7 speed (must have the "S" body), the cog positions from largest to smallest are

A1  A1  B6  A2  A2  D2  C1  and the required spacers are K2, K3, and K4


*B6 Cog special Note:  Some freewheels of this series were supplied with a B1 cog in place of using a B6 combined with a K5 spacer.    So if you purcahse a B6 cog and your freewheel originally used a B1 cog, you will need to purchase a K5 spacer.





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